Verified Logic

Willy Langeveld


Professional Profile

I am currently senior staff scientist at Rapiscan Systems, where I perform R&D and write software (mainly Java and C++) for various projects. I also am the project manager of a number of projects.

Until 2005, I was a staff researcher at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), with main responsibilities in software development. One of my more recent major projects was (and still is) a fast detector simulation system called Lelaps.

I also designed and wrote the software for the Cosmic Ray web site. For cognoscenti: the main data acquisition system runs on BeOS.

Verified Logic is the name of my infrequently active consulting business. I have worked as a consultant for Instantis, and with Tom Rokicki for Maple on a port of Maple to the Amiga way back when.

Public Software From Days Gone By

BeOS related software

BeBRexx version 1.3.2 for BeOS, October 1999

REXX interpreter.
BeBRexx 1.3.2 is the first public release of a port of Bill Vlachoudis' BRexx version 1.3 to BeOS, a REXX interpreter with a number of improvements and additions by myself:

Note that this port is very different from David Feugey's straight port of version 2.0, which was posted to BeWare. For further information, see README.html in the archive.

rlpr version 8.5 for BeOS, July 1999

LPR client with some extras.
This is a port of my lpr client, originally developed for the Amiga, but since then ported to IBM VM/CMS, various UNIXes, and BeOS. It is called "lpr" on the Amiga and comes with the Interworks I-Net 225 package. On other systems, including BeOS, it is usually called rlpr. See the file lpr.doc for usage information.

smtpd version 1.9 for BeOS, July 2000. (older version: 1.8, or: 1.7)

Simple SMTP server.
This is a very basic SMTP mail server based on RFC 821 and 822, once written from scratch for the Amiga, now ported to BeOS with some cleanups and enhancements. It sets all the necessary mail attributes, allows you to specify an incoming mail directory and a sound file to play when new mail arrives. It also has a debug option. For further info see the README file and if you want, the HISTORY file.
Version 1.6: Now works correctly with live queries.
Version 1.7: Fix bug that could lead to netserver problems.
Version 1.8: Now multi-threaded thanks to David Reid.
Version 1.9: Includes relay and other options, thanks mostly to David Reid.

starter version 1.0 for BeOS, October 1999

Allows scripts to be "preferred applications".
starter is a simple program that executes commands based on the file type and extension of the argument(s). The main use for this program is to circumvent a limitation in BeOS: the preferred application for a given type of file can only be a binary application, not a script. By making the preferred application for a given filetype application/x-vnd.VL-starter you can get around this limitation, and the application that processes that filetype can be a script. Note, that this limitation may disappear in future releases of BeOS, but as of release 4.5.2 it is still there. Read README.html for further documentation.

Amiga related software

For Amiga related software, see the SLAC anonymous FTP server, where you will find, among other things, VLT, rexxarplib and rexxmathlib.